You've never had
sushi like this before

We all lead busy lives and at Maki Shop we want to give people the freedom to eat when it suits them best, without compromising on taste or quality. Our Maki hand rolls are inspired by the aesthetics and practicality of Japanese maki-zushi and temaki rolls. They are beautifully presented and incorporates simply prepared fresh ingredients, unique and deliberate combinations of flavors. But that's not the best part. Rolls are individually packaged to ensure each nori wrapper is kept separate and crisp until the moment they're ready to be eaten. Just peel, roll & eat!
Goodbye, soggy seaweed. This is how a sushi hand roll should taste. 

OUR ingredients

Our food is packed with a wholesome blend of local, seasonal and nutritious ingredients. We do our best to procure fresh ingredients from responsible suppliers and local producers. We love organic and support sustainable business practices for fishing and farming methods.

WE deliver locally